Verde Agua Body Basics is a natural cosmetics brand whose goal is to offer the Body Basics or commodities for your daily body care, with products made, solely, with the ingredients of nature.

Our Body Basics are entirely made by Mexican hands, always seeking to accomplish the following standards:

  • We use only natural ingredients, such as plant or minerals extracts, and beeswax as the only animal derivative.

  • We DO NOT test our products on animals.

  • We use recycled and reusable materials for our packaging.

  • Our development processes are respectful with the environment.

  • Free of preservatives, parabens and artificial additives.


“When we go back to what we already are, our essence and nature, our being recognizes it and reestablishes itself. Nature is our source, where we find what’s necessary to enjoy and pamper ourselves every day; we just have to use it, going back to the basic, to the origin, to Verde Agua.”


Biol. Roxsana Jiménez Vega